Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ready to come together

I've still been felling pretty rough over the last couple of days - in fact I had to forgo my next workshop with Christine at Studio 11 yesterday, as I really didn't feel up to it. However, as long as I sit quietly the world stays relatively still and I can get on with some stitching, so have been adding to my stumpwork piece and now all the separate elements are ready to come together, so here they are before being assembled
 the completed mushroom stems along with the background grassy blobby bits
and a close up of the blobby bits so you can see where I've tried to give a bit of variety and evoke the "greenery yallery" fantasy natural feel of the original pieces. Sadly, you can also see where the padded stem stitch is less than perfect. if I were doing this again I'd probably do the background first, then the stems as the stitching, once done, is rather vulnerable to a moving needle trying to create French knots!
 and the two extra pieces that will sit over the base of the mushroom stems to give that 3d effect, along with two of the mushrooms - the canvaswork one you've seen before and the one from fancy fabric which will, I hope, blend well with the colours of the threads I've used. These two bits and the stitched mushroom will now be cut out, the edges turned and applied to the stems with, hopefully, neat, invisible stitches!


  1. Superb! I want to reach into the computer and stroke them...

    I do hope you feel better soon.

    1. glad they've brought pleasure - nearly all assembled now so I@ll be posting more when I'm done. And, yes, thank you, I@m on the mend