Wednesday, 5 June 2013

This or that

Not, I think, this
which  has a very strong vertical In the upper middle which draws the eye away from the top orange stripe and into the blue above
whereas with this, the orange strip is slightly higher, the central stripe gets broken and the eye stops on orange, rather than blue. It's strip has a delicate feather pattern which I want to accentuate with very, very delicate embroidery

I'm hand stitching them rather than machine. I Should really be doing appliqué for my city and guilds, but this home experiment has caught my eye,

And yes, Istanbul was wonderful, I will share some pictures soon, but at the moment I'm more comfortable working with this, which I can use in a soft chair, with comfy cushions.


  1. Really interested to see where you're going with this - and I completely understand the appeal of the soft comfy chair!

    1. I have a little bag of potential threads to consider now, and have nearly finished sewing it together.