Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Away away!

we've reached the week that is The Lakes at last. Tomorrow we toodle off to Buxton for a couple of nights, then on to Langdale for our yearly pilgrimage. I'm hoping we'll go to Eyam Hall, Craft Centre and Village while we are in Buxton; it's close by and looks well worth a visit. But the holiday proper starts when we get to our "lodge" in the valley below Langdale Pikes. It is just the best time of year for me; my pleasure in Autumn increased by the wonderful Lakeland scenery. I'm nowhere near fit enough to do many of the more uppy downy walks (though I always hope to be fitter next year), but the area is just so lovely and so removed from the day to day that just being there is a delight.

I'l be taking various bits of stitching to play with, a couple of sketchbooks and some books on shibori to find some ideas to explore over the coming Studio 11 year. I've also got a couple of "serious" reading books (Iron Age and Mesopotamia!) and an iPad stocked with 6 library books, along with a couple of recent treats from Batsford - Colour in Art Quilts by Janet Twinn and Mark Making in Textile Art by Helen Parrott, both wonderful books with delightfully textiley covers. I always end up taking more things to do than I actually achieve, but it would be so annoying not to have the very things I want when it's all at the other end of the country!

Toodle Pip!

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