Friday, 5 September 2014

Studio 11 year three

But first, a pile of sketchbooks for Gina. These in preparation for my first Studio 11 workshop of the new year. A selection of the ones I've used in between times doing other things, like moving. Cecil here, and clearing her place - several more visits to go, but she really is worth it.

These sketchbooks come along with this untidy assortment of half thought out bits of fabric, and my feather from last year, which I want to talk about with Christine, who is a treasure :-)

 Oh, the pleasure, a whole day just to be creative. 

And then it was today, and I went to Eastbourne and had a delightful day with Christine, our first workshop of the year. 

Lots of good talk, lots of good advice, lots of fun. I'd had no time to do much preparation, for obvious reasons, but I did have a bit of time yesterday evening sketching and thinking Down in the Dell

so today had focus, and I have a bit of a plan (my dear heart says you have to have one of them, so you can change it).

And here is where I got to today, with my sketchbooks; imagine a whole day in the company of good people, sketching with intent, what delight! 

(with apologies for poor quality pictures)

Remember the dragonfly?

Worked on anew

Elements extracted,

when I was reminded of this, another image of dragonfly downs

which was part of where I got to with my designing last year

I'm intrigued by how often the Downs find their way into my design process. I've lived one end or the other all my life.

And to add to today's pleasure, we had friends from Gina's way with us today. It was a lovely day .... thank you :-)


  1. It sounds as though you've had a wonderful day!

    1. days at Studio 11 are always wonderful! :-)

  2. I just love the way the wing is like a microscopic stained-glass window - simply exquisite. BTW, I've been so disrupted by the summer holidays, but just wanted to say thank you for the recommendation about the exhibition at the Ashmolean, I had a lovely time peering into all those pictures - I still can't understand how they managed it without electric light.

    1. so glad you enjoyed the exhibition, and yes, what must their eyes have felt like at the end of a day's stitching, the detail was extraordinary wasn't it. And yes, the dragonfly wing reminds me of stained glass as well, nature's beauty