Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Evening Blues

Not the sad kind, but a just growing moon yesterday evening, hovering above my favourite oak trees - so lovely to watch in the gathering dusk as she sinks so slowly, slowly behind the branches - two kinds of growing, one so close, the other unimaginably far away

and today, forget-me-nots and pulmonaria glimmering as evening light settles down into the garden, awaiting badger and bat, fox and little mouse

I love the way those blues enrich each other, singing in harmony together.

Tomorrow we are off to Edinburgh together on a plane. I've never been.

I am still enough of a child to feel a deep, deep thrill of excitement as the plane taxis down the runway, gathering speed, getting impossibly faster and faster until, as if by magic, it lifts into the air and the ground sweeps away beneath us.

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