Saturday, 4 April 2015

Mindfulness and The Voice

We all have an inner Voice; inner conversations and trains of thought going on as we go through life, often telling us what we should be doing, or being critical of ourselves, or others. Mindfulness teaches us to observe that Voice, dispassionately and compassionately, asking ourselves, would I say that to someone I really love? 

When we see this, we can begin to let it all go; this inner tumult of if only, why didn't I, but he said, I'd rather be, why did she .... why .... Little conversations, little nothings; thoughts hopping around in our head, like the grasshopper, monkey mind which cannot sit still. Mindfulness practice helps us to take a step back; to observe, rather than inhabit, this play going on in our heads. As we daily begin to see it for what it is, we see that we have a choice. We either struggle, trapped by this turmoil in our heads, or we become present in the life we are living. 


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