Wednesday, 25 March 2015

In the Absence of a Design Wall

You just have to make do.

Start with shapes

find something that balances sort of

turn over


then start linking bits together

I might do this in part with colour, by adding bits of plain fabric, and part with stitch for more linear elements. Not sure how well the drawn line shows here, but it's a start. I can make small units using printed and plain fabrics, which can then join together to make a larger whole. These "blocks" could be embellished with stitch, carrying elements from one printed piece to another across the spaces, so that some kind of pattern takes the eye for a walk across the whole. Of course this is providing I find the time to do anything at all!

Now I need to work out how big this might be, by taking pieces from the pile of real ones on the cutting board, and laying them out on the floor 

then playing with the plains to fill in the spaces. The top two in the pile were frugal finds - the inner linings of some old cushions that belonged to Ganna: a physical link with the past - her hands touched where mine will now go 

magic .....

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  1. Always fascinating to see a process - in action! I understand completely your attachment to the cloth and the knowledge of other hands being there before.


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