Sunday, 6 December 2015

Shibori too

Some very old bits and bobs, over dyed with a shibori layer. This one reminds me of the Aurora - night flowers perhaps

a tiny scrap with a little shibori applied to the "leaves", previously mono printed

another second layer on my Eco shibori - this with royal rather than turquoise to see what happens; the latest in the the Homage dyeing experiments. I've been stitching that as well but no pics to show at the moment

A bit of silk viscose dyed a couple of weekends ago

And these, given an initial layer yesterday, washed, rinsed, dried, ironed ready for today's layer. These are very small bits of fabric, test pieces to look at how the fabric reveals the dye. Satin viscose and silk velvet - I stitched both pieces with similar patterns.

the velvet was really thirsty for all that colour

Each cut in half. Now to add a next layer of dye. First stitching to re-shibori, echoing what has gone before. Again, I'm also testing to see how much dye each fabric will take.

above shows the backs. I try to echo or at least stitch in harmony with the layer below in the next layer of stitches. All pulled up tight.

Now sitting in a very small pot of mixed turquoise, black and a smidge of golden yellow

Again, I'll report later

So here's what's happening

in between the comings and goings of life, here is one of my current wanderings with dye and cloth - this on a slightly slubby silk previously dyed by spraying lightly with blues. All on a very small scale, this is Health and Safety respectful kitchen dyeing!

In keeping with the colour theme pop some little scatterings of dye into a small pot along with some soda and salt

Take previously dyed fabric and soak in a rich solution of soda and salt

Shake up the dye, salt and soda powder

sprinkle over the soda soaked, still wet fabric

and wait

I'll update you tomorrow