Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Some garden for Els

Els does the most wonderful stitching, and felting, and drawing and knitting aaaaaaand gardening. This post caught my eye, as I had just come in from taking photos in our garden, hundreds of miles away ...

here they are Els



the old dears

moist and mossy

full of light

and shadow


  1. Ahhhhhhh .... THANK YOU, Kat !!!
    So wonderful this "Springtime Blues".
    The Euphorbia green is soooo lush against the Fritillaria !
    Lovely ferns too ! (too hot here in summer: south facing)
    Our Bluebells aren't nearly there yet !
    Thanks again for this sneak peek over there ;-)

    (and get well soon !)

    1. Hi Els, Spring is delightful isn't it? Our graden is north facing, but still has lovely sunny spots, so I have all sorts of micro environments - I keep trying things until they fit, but it would benefit from more of my attention and energy! The Man does vegetables too - harvest pleasures