Monday, 10 April 2017

free flight

buzzard and seagull vying for space as Spring surges

a little breath of wind

a flutter in the undergrowth

light held so delicately

I have had increasing tooth problems in the past couple of weeks and months - two abscesses, two extractions, much lowness of spirit, some forbearance;

I'm on the mend


  1. Arggghhhh, poor you !!! All the best Kat !
    Lovely pictures (how on earth did you "catch"
    that robin ????)

  2. Hi Els, how are you? Mr Starry Eyes is utterly exquisite - especially his nose :-)
    The tooth is healing, the robin was at the very top of a tree in our garden, singing his heart out ..... I just waited. "Treadee softee catchee monkey"!


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