Tuesday, 17 April 2018

a musical interlude

Woodstock, hippies, peace and love - you've got to be a certain generation to even know what I'm talking about. I remember commenting on a "hippie bus" some years ago and my dear heart's older grandson asked "what's a hippie?" How do you answer that one?
One of my favourite songs, and the source of one of my favourite quotes “life is for learning” is Joni Mitchell's Woodstock. I love it for its sense of celebration and idealism (though in the real world, I’m not sure butterflies would have been much use against the Luftwaffe) but which version?
Joni’s – she wrote it, though I didn't hear this version until I sought it out on YouTube some years ago
CSN&Y – she wrote it for them, and theirs was the first version I knew on their wonderful album Deja Vu - here accompanied by hippies and hippie buses

Or Richie Havens' lovely mellow version

Which is your favourite?

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