Friday, 25 May 2018

Many interludes

In fact this blog seems to contain more interludes these days than it does words and pictures!

Life has been busy, sometimes tiring, but good in so many ways. I am still stitching, along with knitting, weaving, and recently beginning a patchwork class with one of our lovely Embroiderers' Guild members who is also a patchworker. And, in between all this, my dear Man and I got married, just two weeks ago tomorrow. A wonderful day despite the rain; our ceremony in the glorious Durbar Hall in Hastings Museum - one of the many legacies the Brassey family left the town. Having managed the reference and local studies collection in the library in Hastings for many enjoyable years, there was a real sense of connection for me in celebrating such a happy event there. Afterwards we repaired to our garden where a marquee provided welcome respite from the heavy showers that scudded past all afternoon. The good cheer and warm hearts of friends and family made wet weather merely incidental; fine food was provided by "Caroline the Cook" and Geoff's lovely guitar music provided just the right atmosphere for folk to chat or listen as the mood reqiured.

Of course all this required the house and garden to look slighty less chaotic than it usually does, hence mcuh clearing, cleaning and tuidying by me over the past several weeks, but our lovely irises came out,

the wisteria was still just clinging to its branches, a small frog provided two small girls with much delight

and the cats repaired to the bottom of the garden to wait for all this good cheer and laughter to go away!

And the following day, when all were gone, of course the sun came out


  1. Ahhhh Kat ! Who's talking of gorgeous irises ?????
    Spring is RUNNING .... all those flowers !
    Something new almost every day !
    (have a good weekend, dear Kat)

  2. Congratulations! Sending you very many hugs and very best wishes xxx

    1. thank you Anny, it's been a very happy couple of weeks, but we are quite glad to get back to our normal quiet routines - so are the cats!!

  3. It was such a lovely occasion — so happy to have been part of it — you and Jen looked very beautiful in your graceful dresses. xx

    1. thank you Pen, it was lovely to see you there, so good to share happy moments with loved people xx