Wednesday, 3 August 2011

visiting heaven!

OK not literally, but today is my birthday and we, that is me, my dear one and my lovely daughter, are trotting up to London to visit this and this. I wonder if the two organisations had any dialogue about these exhibitions, they seem so appropriate to be running at the same time.

I think we cannot begin to imagine the inner world of the people who created and venerated these objects. it must have been a magical place, full of miracles, but also full of brutality, ignorance and the fear of divine or human retributions. I remember when my Mother in Law, who suffered from Alzheimer's, would hide behind her bedroom door, muttering, sometimes in a voice that was completely not her own. It struck me then that the medieval mind would have had no hesitation in declaring her behaviour to be due to demonic possession, or witchcraft; even I found it disquieting, but understood the why.

I'm hoping that today will shine a bit of light on that world, one that has fascinated me since I first studied art for "A" level, many years ago. Once of my favourites then was this. It will be part of the exhibition today. I'm anticipating a very enjoyable day out.


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a super day out.

  2. Perfect birthday outing. So jealous you can just pop up to London to see the the real thing.
    Thanks for dropping by Tanglewood Threads and for your lovely comment.

  3. :0) Hope you had a fab day! H & A went to see the Treasures of Heaven exhib and found it fascinating.
    Just at the moment I find myself uneasy and depressed concerning the extent of superstition, bigotry and magical thinking - not to mention sheer unaccountable dottiness - that still characterises religious thought, so more of the same doesn't appeal right now! I expect I shall wish I'd gone as soon as it's too late! x