Sunday, 5 August 2012

Peace Cloth

We had a very civilised afternoon celebrating two "Leos'" birthdays, with family - tea in the garden, a "cold collation" I believe we decided it's called, along with champagne punch. Sounds ridiculously posh; in fact it was a small group of people sitting around enjoying each other's company. The pigeons and collared doves cooed and wooed, the little birds flitted in and out of the feeding tree and a great dragonfly swooped and swam through the air going from shrub to shrub.

I think my little Peace  Cloth gave pleasure,

it certainly raised a smile, and I tried to stitch as much peace into it as I could.

Later, we had another guest, who stayed just a little while


  1. this peace cloth is amazing! the subtle monochromatic hues are are the gentle patterns in stitch and dye. i love it!

    1. Thank you Joe for kind words. I was really pleased with it!