Thursday, 19 March 2015

Trim away

I'm working with the breakdown prints once more - with apologies for the I-Pad pics again; not good quality. I began looking at them while I was waiting for the Shibori to take last Friday. I popped the various bits I'd extracted up on the design wall so I could see them, take a photo and hopefully cut it up and rearrange to try out some conjunctions of piece with piece. There are, of course, the plain solids I dyed to go with these, to give space and reflect colours one to another. I also have a lovely piece of warm rusty yellow cotton that once lines one of Ganna's velvet cushions which perfectly echoes the rusty yellow in this

now I'm trimming them to some kind of consistent measurements and squareness - never forgetting Christine's insistence on accurate measuring and cutting of course

I look at these offcuts and wonder whether they have a bit of Jude potential, to be woven in and out and become something else. I suspect not though, they are very very slender.


  1. Oh Kat, I love the white scribbles on them !!!
    YES ! A bit of a weave is always good !
    Or you can sure make a bookmat with one or two of them ...
    Lovely stash ;-)

    1. Hi Els,
      that's the fun of breakdown printing - you can't see it in the picture, but a lot of the squiggles have a blue edge to them which makes them even more intresting.
      I shall keep that little collection of strips and see what I can do with them, though most are only around 1/4 inch. I'll have a play and see what happens :-)

  2. Send me an email so I can answer you ;-)

    Missed the shibori : that's great !
    Did a workshop online with Glennis Dolce, but never succeeded
    in making the dye bath work .... :-(