Monday, 5 October 2015

Lakes 2015

Well, a week away in the most lovely weather we've ever had in the Lakes, it truly was delightful, warm sunny days after the morning mist lifted and the beauty of mist and dew to enjoy beforehand. There are always things I enjoy again and again when we go to the Lakes.

The way the light is layered, reflected, captured, bounced around, as the sun gets lower in the sky

The early morning mists and dews

The pleasure that the ever present dogs take in their surroundings

Boating activity on Windermere - we always take a trip down the lake

A gradaully fading away willow tree that may well be the last Ent in England

And this year, the wonder of the "supermoon" close

and eclipsed

The curious carvings, which look as though they should be ancient, but are actually try outs on slate at the local slate workers at Skelwith Brisge

Driving through Kirkstone Pass, morning and evening

on the way to a fascinating walk up the valley of Martindale,

past the C16th farmhouse

and on, guided by John White, to watch the wild deer there. If you closely at the pics on his FB post, you'll see a couple of curious folk peering over the wall - we had the privilege of being the only people John took out that day. It was truly magical.

There are some more pics here if you'd like to see them

Lakes 15

and at the bottom, some images I took of the Langdale Millennium Tapestry, which sits in the lovely Holy Trinity Church in Chapel Stile, surely a very old pace of worship, given the still running spring and ancient yew tree which exist in quiet company with the simple cross in the curchyard

I particularly like the St Francis window with its rich and delicate colouring

The Langdales Millenium Tapestry. Holy Trinity Church, Chapel Stile, Langdale

Hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse of what draws us back, year after year.


  1. WOW Kat !!!! Sooooooooooooo many beautiful pictures ! Quite a tour ;-)
    Thank you ;-)

    1. thank you Els, it's a very photogenic place, all I really do is point the camera - the beauty is just there wherever you look :-)