Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sampler finished

at last I've finished the first bit of the Branch stitch project. It really has taken far too long, in fact I see it was started in January this year, which is a little ridiculous! However, I've learnt a huge amount and have really enjoyed it. It looks a little darker here than in reality, but with dark fabric you have to trick the camera by taking the half depress to get the tones from somewhere else, at the same distance of course. In this case I focused on the carpet, which is a light beige, then moved the camera to take in the stitching

What have I learnt? That you need to use the right needle for the weight of thread, otherwise it doesn't pull through the fabric well and gets more wear, so doesn't last as long; that the shinier rayon threads have a tendency to untwist much more, so they squiggle and wiggle about while you are stitching, which can be very counter productive; that starting and finishing tidily is really helpful; that blanket stitch is far more versatile than I could have imagined; and finally, that I'm very glad I didn't get French Knots!!

I love these little knotted buttonhole stitches in the bottom right quadrant, and will use them in the next, pictorial bit of stitching, to evoke some flowers in a field

and of course how could one forget buttonhole stitch as used in Stumpwork? OK, I nearly did, but amended plans for the central circle to include a little setting sun of corded buttonhole, which I'm really pleased with.

All in all, a really interesting and enjoyable project with plenty learnt, not least the getnly art of finishing!! Hope you like it.


  1. Ohhhhh my, Kat, this worked out soooo well !
    YES that good old buttonhole stitch HA ! Versatile indeed !
    You used it very well ... and that knotted one gives me ideas ... ;-)
    (must look it up how to do !)

    The rayon is gorgeous AND horrible at the same time, I know (now) I used
    it a lot in my "jewels" But it helps if you roll the needle (and so the thread)
    every few stitches ! (good luck next time )

  2. Hi Els, thank you, I'm really pleased it's finished now. Having problems with the next bit, but it's getting there so will post when it's done. I think I'd worked out about rolling the needle every now and then, but obviously not often enough, and I have to keep reminding myself whether that's clock wise or anti clockwise - the latter I think.
    So glad all your loevely jewels found good homes :-)


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