Thursday, 23 January 2014

evening light

Work is just beginning to slow down a little and I am managing to get back to my "normal" hours. I'm also trying (for the umpteenth time) to walk down to the seaside at least every other day as the ceaseless rain is also beginning to slow and there is space in the day for walking. This view is my reward - well worth the effort.

When we moved here, just over three years ago, I couldn't walk down and back (only two miles) without stopping on the way up at least once to ease the pain in my legs and back, and catch my breath. Now I am glad to say there is no need to stop (sometimes) and the hurting is easing. This is not said to evoke sympathy - I've lived with chronic pain for most of my adult life, one way or another, and have no need (or desire) for sympathy - but it is good to know that even my poorly disciplined efforts to improve my fitness are bearing some fruit!


  1. Living almost as far in any direction as you can be from the sea, I always wonder what it would be like to be able to pop out for a beach walk instead of having to plan a day-trip, but I'm pretty sure that if we lived at the coast, I'd have to be prodded to get out regularly (although I suppose the dog walk would be different). We live about 5 miles from Woburn Abbey, but in twenty years I've never been, although visiting that type of place is my passion - funny things aren't we...

    1. indeed we are - I've lived the bulk of my life right by the sea, yet never go lounging on the beach like the holidaymakers! Perhaps that's the problem though - the holiday makers put us off!!

  2. I'm glad your pain is lessening and well done for achieving the walk - what a beautiful view.


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