Friday, 18 April 2014

Morning view

I love this view just outside my indoor sitting place. It is the path that was invisible, unknown when we first moved in. It has been cleared and made proper with salvaged wood edging, from the yew tree, and salvaged pavers from the muddle that has become our courtyard. The little Japanese lady tilts her head invitingly, nestled amongst the froth of euphorbia.
The path is lined by delicate heart leaves and flowers of epimedium 
and the white of the "bluebells" which shine in the morning air. 
It is always full of movement, as the big green laurel and the spiky tree stump hold bird feeders with all sorts of goodness. There are fat balls and cylinders, peanuts, which the squirrel hangs upside down to steal, a seed feeder which the fat pigeons set swaying as they land awkwardly on its platform and a tray with meal worms for the little chicks that must be hatching sometime soon
Towards the end of the path is the deep red of the Japanese maple, bought for me by Mum many years ago. It lived in a pot until I knew I'd found the place where I would stop. Now it's delicate leaves are sensitive to every drift if air that ripples through them; they fill the space with fluttering movement
Near the house there are the outrageous, blowsy flowers of the ranunculus that were my Mother's Day gift this year and, if you look very carefully, in the shade of the dark laurel leaves, you will see the soft oval of a blue tit's body, wings made invisible by their speed, arrowing straight for the food that waits for him on the spiky stump that was once an unruly conifer gown past its space.
See, here he is.
A pleasing view to greet to greet me each day.


  1. Lovely photos, your garden looks an inviting place to rest and relax and potter no doubt!

    1. Thank you Anna, yes it is a lovely space, We often look at it and wonder how we got so lucky with it; I do recall my doing a great deal of research on Google when we were house hunting, but the garden has been so much better than we expected. Still very much work in progress :-)


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