Sunday, 19 October 2014


my dear heart says that should be spelled xorsted, whatever, it expresses how I feel. I did my last trip to Kidmore End this week, up Thursday, back Friday. Cecil's house now emptied, vaccuumed, despidered and ready for new occupancy. A long long two days, after a very long three months with motorways almost every weekend. The final sorting meant packing up delicate glass and china and moving some stuff into the garage, so that the final items being taken away were done so by the right group of people! That of course entailed bumping knuckles, bruising wrists, pulling muscles and general wear and tear. So much easier though, knowing that she is here safe and sound and available to come to Sunday lunch with me and mine today.

I won't be sorry to see the back of the M23/25/4 for a long while now!

I will miss the exultant, keening cries of the kites high above.

Slept for ten hours last night and the night before.

Very .... ....  .. . very tired


  1. I completely sympathise with this, we had to do the same with my mum's house - a two hour each way drive - it's exhausting even without the emotional impact, but there's no alternative and now, years later, I'm glad we made the effort.

    1. Thank you Anny, it's one of those "serous life" things that come around, so good to have here hre now though, and happy. That made the job much easier


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