Thursday, 26 February 2015

Striving, with some result

I am still struggling to pull myself out of the doldrums. Partly the winter, I think, and partly the result of a number of years, rather more full of stress and striving than are good for the human condition. A long tale and I won't bore you. I am trying to gently coax myself into a daily habit of meditation and mindfulness - both of which I have practised on and off for many a year. This to run in tandem with a six week stress release course to which I have been allotted. Sadly, as with all my strivings, their more off than on nature has resulted in a great sense of failure and that horrid little whisper at the back of the mind that says "you're gonna fail again y'know". Do wish she'd shut up!

These sea ripples, captured recently, remind me of the mind's untempered behaviour. Thoughts poke up above the surface of the hoped for meditative calm and before you know it, off the mind goes along one flow or another, carried to another place entirely, until you notice and draw it back to the peaceful place again, and again and again

I have managed four days in a row to spend a brief period of meditation each day and, perhaps, if I confess here, it will prompt me to maintain the habit a little longer than in the past. I would like to find myself on a shore where a daily practice brings me to a greater balance and equilibrium. My comfort is this - at least I'm still trying :-)


  1. Beautiful photos Kat, I hope you manage to keep the mindfulness going. I meditate most days, not for long but I know it helps my well being and has kept me going over the last few difficult years; as has my art. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Anna, I am keeping it up so far, which is encouraging. It brings a moment of stillness to the day doesn't it? A time to just be rather than rush around doing, allowing life to settle and kindness to flourish. Hope you and your family are OK and that William's flying geese are coming along


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