Saturday, 30 January 2016

Quietly continuing

There's still a lot to be done on this, but I'm slowly finding my way along, taking each section at a time and seeing where it leads me next.

As I haven't posted about this for a while, here are a couple of close ups

and the whole piece in natural light

I love the delicate turquoise and the way it interacts with the eco colour. I'm aware that those leaf prints may well fade with time, so am accenting them with stitch. I think there may be some floating seeds scattered about at some stage, it has a feeling of Autumn about it. Hardly surprising considering when I started.

I haven't decided on a border yet, I'm waiting to see where I get to with the stitching first, feeling for what the cloth is telling me as I stitch it. Truly a slow stitch project.


  1. It's a beauty!! And reminds me of Kantha embroidery a lot..

    1. Hi Deepa,
      yes, kantha in a different context. A very restful stitch to work, and I love the way it textures the fabric and creates a richer cloth. I'm hoping to add other stitches as well along the way. Hope Germany is being good to you.

  2. love the eco and the stitching on it !
    Good combination

    1. Hi Els, glad it pleases, your little owls are breeding!!!! :-)

    2. hmmm they do .... (it's addictive !)
      (sorry not the breeding !!!)


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