Friday, 25 March 2016

Badger's gift

As regular readers will know we have a large badger sett down in the Dell at the bottom of the garden. With Spring in the air, they have been doing some housekeeping from deep within their dark underground spaces,

digging and delving in amongst the trees, creating more hummocks and dips and piles of freshly turned earth

It's all rather wild and woolly down there, but as I was checking the earthworks, to make sure the neighbour's fence wasn't in danger of collapsing under the strain, I found this

Isn't it lovely? 

Just a simple old bottle really, but how marvellous to find it unbroken, waiting there in the soil to be recovered and brought into the house, where it could be cleaned and made to catch the spring sunshine.

And in the garden, which I have neglected over the winter, there are other signs of Spring

a ribbon of daffodils in their second year of flowering - how lovely they will be in another couple of years when they've clumped up and had a few more added to fill in the spaces

hellebore and jonquil,

grape hyacinth and pulmonaria, yet more daffodils and hellebore

and Wol, enjoying the warm sunshine by the flowering currant

Happy Easter everyone 


  1. What a lovely find!!! Seems to be a really old one from the looks of it. The flowers are springing up everywhere over here too and it's a beautiful sight.Was planning to look up the names of some and you've helped me a little :) Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Deepa, it's lovely when the spring flowers start to appear isn't it? Makes everything seem brighter. I hope the weather is being kind to you all. Glad I helped you with some flower names - perhaps you could do a blog post about them with a "name this flower" query, that would be fun :-)


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