Monday, 18 May 2015

Just now

We sit in our garden of an evening and feel a huge gratitude to the Universe for providing such a spot in which to dwell.

Columbine, my favourites, always scattered round my childhood gardens, the infinite variety and sheer gaiety of these flowers always delights me.

and then .... later ..... I stroll into the siting room and there he is, huffling and snuffling just down the path

oh delight


  1. Oh my goodness! How amazing to see that. The man who lives behind our house, once told my husband that badgers pass through his and our gardens, but I don't see any evidence and I think the Delinquent Dog might have noticed. Fabulous pictures. My mum gave me a few columbines, years ago, and they still come up, good and strong, wherever they choose! :)

    1. it' a really magical thing - they come up most evenings, from their sett at the bottom, to huffle up the birds leavings - four of them a couple of days ago, mum and three babies, but too dark to photograph :-)


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