Saturday, 2 May 2015

May Shibori

Klimt cloth - ritualistic cloth magic recipe, goal, something Klimt'ish.

Take a couple of bits of pre dyed cloth. Gaze at Klimt a lot. Investigate acrylic shapes, clamps, stuff. Then

2 tbsp salt
Boiling water where possible
1/8 tsp turquoise
Two pinches  ultra blue

Add the clamped pre dyed pieces

Then after ten - fifteen minutes another pinch of ultra blue dissolved in boiling water and added. No stirring, just let it sit.

Then after ten minutes swirled the bucket around, Hubble bubble

Stirred every ten to fifteen minutes throughout for first hour. Then added blue ripple 

Screen printed in a previous class with Christine
Stitched in a regular pattern, with rows alternating front and back
Drawn up tight ready to throw in the pot.

Then add more boiling water and a pinch of turquoise until all the fabric is covered, stir once and leave for a while, stir, leave stir

This is where I am just now.


  1. Oh how exciting - I like the idea of channeling your inner Klimt - must try it myself, he's a favourite!

    1. out of the dyepot, but no time to photograph. Still more to do I think, will take to show and tell at textiles this week :-) I'd love to see your interpretation of Klimt in stitch - now that would be interesting :-)


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