Thursday, 10 September 2015


Just thinking,
looking at the patterns and flows of colour, trying to work out what will enhance
 where to go, what to stitch and what to leave
Suspended from the floor lamp in my (horrendously untidy) study in lieu of a design wall 

Those swayings away from True, across and down; the not quite lined up. Do I straighten them out or do they add a slight movement within the grid structure, a bit of unrule

True ... Truth ...


  1. Ummm - all part of the artist's life! Lovely to see your thought processes in action...

    1. Hello Anny, thank you for commenting - very nice to be called an "artist" when I don't really think of myself as that at all, more a tentative hoping to be something someday sort of a person!
      Hope those lovely yarns you bought in July are coming into more use, post school holidays :-)


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