Monday, 1 April 2019

Down in the Dell - an update

The Dell is at the very bottom of the garden, it is where the badgers dwell, and where the butterflies and buzzies dance in the summer. it is semi wild, very untamed, but we try and keep that wildness under a little bit of control, otherwise there is the chance that a Sleeping Beauty level climbing rose will take over the greenhouse.

so I expedited with tools of a cutting variety this morning, and was faced with this,

I had desultory companions, who quickly vanished once the serious stuff started to happen

and had to remember that, as this is where the badgers dwell, I'd better keep an eye on my ankles

I toiled and toiled in the morning sunlight in this tucked away little corner

can you see the difference below?

Of course the light has changed, but the barrow has filled to a towering pile and a great deal of deadwood and tall arching rose stems have been reduced to a tidy pile. Just above the wheelbarrow, looking like frail little sticks in the air, is a rather lovely lilac tree, suddenly able to breathe and full of blossom buds, which I was very careful not to disturb. Just beside the wheelbarrow is a plum in delicate blossom

We hope for more fruit this year. We also know that, despite my effort this morning, we will still find the Dell full of the soft scent of roses once the season is upon us.

At the top of the garden, the pond is practicing catching sunlight

Enjoy this lovely spring weather while it lasts

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